“What an absolutely positive, upbeat and charming book. Stephen weaves together his stories of life with such honesty and humor. His ability to tell his adventures, first, as who he is as an individual, and secondly, talk about his “cp” as it was just a “born with trait,” like having blond or red hair … very refreshing….As a national organization, UCP has dedicated its self to providing, “’life without limits to people with disabilities.’ Reading Stephen’s reflections on his growing up-years, he and his family lived that concept long before UCPA coined those words…In adulthood Dr. Dantzig continues to see the world as a life without limits.”
–From the Foreword by Donna Fouts, Executive Director, United Cerebral Palsy Association of Hawaii

Having had CP for almost a quarter of my life (on an assumption that I could live up to 120), I found this book significantly enlightening in a such a small way that you wouldn’t even notice until a moment of frustration struck you and all of sudden, you cried out with relief, hey, I remember Steve once said…
Yes, you are not reading, but listening to Dr. Dantzig as he talks about what he has been through with his friends and his lifelong passion in photography. And he talks as if you were with him all the time. No preach, no pretense, no pressure. It is in this way that you become aware of what you need to do with your CP-inflicted life and how you possibly can live your life to the full in your own milieu. I know that, because I had been with the author for two days when he took me along back in time to relive his trials, tribulations, and triumphs by a mere medium of words. I enjoyed this experience so much that it was quite a shock for me to realize that I had reached the end of the book faster than I had thought. I was particularly fascinated by the author’s descriptions of his childhood and Hawaii as well as CP-related topics in Appendixes A and B.
And how proud I am to announce that chances are good I’ll be the exclusive Chinese translator of this book and join Steve’s friend circle on the other side of the globe! Thanks, Steve, for telling your story to help shape ours.–Jenny Hu

5.0 out of 5 stars Finally Catchin’ That Bus!, September 19, 2012
Bruno Tittaferrante
This review is from: Get Up, Your Bus Is Here Living My life with Cerebral Palsy (Kindle Edition)
GET UP, YOUR BUS IS HERE, an awesome book written by Dr. Stephen A. Dantzig, has changed me to the very core of my soul. Until now I have suffered from the effects of Cerebral Palsey. I have fallen face first in the ice and snow as that proverbial bus drives right past my helpless body time and time again. Today, right here and right now, I will get up, ride that bus, and LIVE the life that I have every right to enjoy. A life lived is not about the final destination, but rather about the journey. I now choose to live my wit’ CP! Though we have grown up worlds apart in different times, I was able to clearly relate to many of the experiences that Dr. Dantzig details so vividly in his book. I was, in fact, struck by the many similar experiences we shared; I have always felt all alone in this able-bodied world. The only difference is our responses to these experiences. I now choose to face them head on…Tackle the trials and tribulations and celebrate the triumphs wit’ inner strength and determination. My life lessons will not be wasted, but because of Dr. Dantzig’s wit and wisdom, enable me to live a life of fulfillment. Thanks to Dr. Dantzig I am able to relish in a whole new perspective of life and thrive while doin’ so.
A must read for everyone to enjoy!

5.0 out of 5 stars A fascinating real story,March 18, 2012
This review is from: Get Up, Your Bus Is Here Living My life with Cerebral Palsy (Kindle Edition)
The author narrates a witty, open, and inspiring story to readers- very honestly sharing his life living with Cerebral Palsy. Dantzig intelligently describes his own personal challenges, love for photography, and life lessons with such sweet humor that evokes a positive life perspective. Whether you have cerebral palsy, know someone that does, or simply enjoy reading about the human ability to adapt and grow towards one’s potential; then this book is a must!
I found that this book not only entertains, but also serves as an insightful source of information. I appreciate the author’s ability to remain introspective, playfully blunt, and most of all, real.
A great addition: under the ‘Appendices’ you can find an informative summary and a list of answers relating to practical advice on how to live with the physical and psychological challenges of Cerebral Palsy.

5.0 out of 5 stars Louise Schaetzle, September 11, 2012
Louise Schaetzle
This review is from: Get Up, Your Bus is Here: Living My Life With Cerebral Palsy (Paperback)
I couldn’t wait to receive my copy of Stephen’s latest and most meaningful book. Being one of his elementary school teacher’s I was proud and excited to see how many wonderful and successful experiences he has had, but as I read, I realized that I was also learning so much about cerebral palsy and the many varied symptoms that people exhibit. Stephen’s family and his own determination helped him face many of life’s challenges with humor, so as I read I found myself smiling as I pictured him riding the trike that I remembered him riding to school as a child. Never letting the grass grow under his feet!
His love of photography evolves into a career that not only brings him great joy, but helps pay the bills of a man living in paradise !
This is a must read not just for anyone who knows Stephen, but who wants to be inspired by the story of someone who has embraced life and has left the world a better place for having been in it!
Charlie Rowe:
great reading my friend Steve never knew the meaning of give up in his mind it was always get up and do it and the result of that mind set is achievement in the extreme great job Steeeevo